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Reuland Electric

Reuland Logo.png

AC Motors, AC and DC Motor Brakes, Fluid Couplings, Gearboxes, Flexible Couplings, Adapters, Cooling Systems, Permanent Magnet Motors, Motor Laminations, Custom Contract Work

Reuland traces its history back to the 1930’s when Frank Reuland, still in high school, rebuilt and repaired electric motors in his garage in Alhambra, CA. Today, Reuland Electric manufacturers motors for numerous industries and applications; elevators, cranes, hoists, bridges, marine, military, general industrial and custom OEM work.


Reuland Electric also offers motor accessories, prototyping, foundry and machining services along with full engineering staff to help with your unique application.

Represented in Arkansas, So. Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana

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