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Keltech LTD - Building the Future of Sanitary Conveyor Drives

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Downtime of critical equipment can be an operation’s worst nightmare. So many factors play into the service life of that equipment.

Washdown practices can cause conveyor drive components to fail. Displacement of seals and the ingress of liquids into the motor during the washdown process is the root cause in over 95% of the cases.

Keltech LTD has taken every measure to prevent that from happening. Liquids simply do not penetrate the Keltech LTD motor.

There are many levels of ingress protection that reflect the equipment’s ability to withstand the entry of solids and liquids into the motor housing. While there is no industry standard, most “Washdown Duty” designated equipment is typically rated IP56, allowing for limited ingress of particulate and some protection against high pressure water jets. No high temperature or chemically treated solution protection is offered.

The majority of stainless steel conveyor drive equipment is rated IP65, allowing no ingress of particulate and protection against low pressure water jets. Others carry a rating of IP66, offering protection against high pressure water jets.

The highest level of ingress protection available is IP69K. No ingress of particulate and complete protection from close range, high pressure, high temperature chlorinated solution.

The competition, "Brand S", standard stainless steel motor is rated IP65, middle of the road in terms of ingress protection. The Keltech LTD standard stainless steel motor is IP69K certified and is also approved by the National Sanitation Foundation.

The Keltech LTD motor does not use drains as the design prevents the ingress of liquids. The Keltech LTD motor has a 316 stainless steel shaft that withstands the rigors of chlorinated solution, a stainless steel slinger to keep liquids off the motor shaft, a welded round conduit box with O-Ring protection and a stainless steel cable gland that allows for use of the existing wiring while preventing the ingress of liquids, double O-Rings on each drive end and a 12-blade stainless steel fan that won’t break or corrode.

Brand S offers none of those features.

To get close to that level of protection with Brand S, you'd have to go with their Xtreme Encapsulated motor that costs three times what the Keltech LTD standard motor costs. Not only does it cost three times more, but it also weighs three times more than the Keltech LTD motor. That’s a lot of overhung load to consider!

Then there's an additional charge with Brand S for the conduit box and 10' cable in order to achieve a full IP69K rating, pushing the cost even higher. A 1 HP Brand S Xtreme Encapsulated motor is over $1,700.00 when all's said and done where the Keltech LTD is less than $600.00.

All food processors are moving towards using IP69K certified products on their lines. Why not get ahead of the game by offering your customers more reliable drive components, better customer service and ultimately extend the service life of their equipment? Your customer’s maintenance crew won’t have to treat the conveyor drive with kid gloves or worry about getting it clean for inspectors and can focus on other concerns.

Most importantly, the cost of ownership would be greatly reduced; helping your customer remain efficient, productive and profitable.

Let’s keep the line moving! Isn’t that the ultimate goal for all of us?

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