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Rolling Motion Industries

Rolling Motion Traction Drive with 2:1 to 5:1 ratios

Made in the USA, Rolling Motion Industries' Traction Drive is like no other power transmission device on the market. A single ratio drive with a built-in overrunning clutch to protect components from back-driving, the RMI Traction Drive is the most efficient method of transferring power. By utilizing rolling motion, the gearless RMI Traction Drive transfers power with minimal loss and maximum efficiency, posting ratings in the high 90's. No wasted power, excessive heat or noise while providing significant energy savings. RMI Traction Drive is suitable for bi-directional uses. Applications include medical equipment, motorized vehicles, motion control, HVAC/Pump and energy generation. ATEX explosion-proof certification pending.

Represented in Arkansas, So. Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana

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